October 15, 2007




Three public Open House meeting were hosted by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) in mid-September 2007 to solicit public input on a proposal for a Partnership for the Golden Gate Bridge.

The meeting materials are all still available through the District’s website at http://goldengate.org/news/PartnershipProgram.php.

Since November 2006, when the Board of Directors first approved exploring a Partnership Program, 96 comments have been received. The majority indicated opposition to the Proposed Program based on a concern (1) that the Bridge not be commercialized via renaming or (2) the presence of corporate logos or corporate tag lines on or around the Bridge is not acceptable. In response to public comments and Board input, two additional versions of a Partnership Program have been developed and will be presented at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on October 26, 2007, at 10 am:

Version #1: Original proposed Partnership Program

Version #2: Limits corporate identification and program partner attribution to only five interpretative sign locations in the Golden Gate Bridge southeast visitor area.

Version #3: Eliminates any onsite corporate presence, with the exception of inclusion on a proposed Wall of Honor located in the southeast visitor area.

Summary of Versions
Version #1
Original Proposal
Version #2
Limited Onsite Presence
Version #3
No Onsite Presence
Partners Three to five Lead Partners, plus supporting partners One Lead Partner Only in Year 1; Two Lead Partners in Year 2; No supporting partners One Lead Partner in Year 1; Two Lead Partners in Year 2; No supporting partners
Program Value Minimum of $4 million/year once program is fully mature $3 - $4 million/year once program is fully mature Difficult to project due to unknown tolerance of program limits by potential partners
On-Site Presence at Golden Gate Bridge Discrete logos on interpretative signage & fixed equipment Discrete logos limited to five interpretative sign locations None except Recognition Wall at GGB, noted below
Campaign Website/Logo Yes Yes Yes
Allow Partner Attribution in Currently Approved Non-Bridge locations (Transit) and in District Collateral Materials Yes Yes Yes


On October 26, staff will be recommending that the Board approve moving forward with implementation of Version #2 “Limited Onsite Presence” of the Partnership Program to Preserve the Golden Gate Bridge.

The staff recommendation will also request that any potential partner present a proposal not only under the parameters of Version #2, “Limited Onsite Presence,” but also present a proposal that would include no onsite presence (Version #3) so that the Board can then best determine which approach to follow in each specific partnership arrangement.

To compensate for the diminished onsite presence in Version #2 (as compared to Version #1), the District will seek only one corporate partner for the first year. Media partners will be sought for the first year, to help promote the Partnership Campaign and to create public awareness of partnership activities.

To clarify, all signage will be interpretative by nature, with information about Bridge construction, history, maintenance and the projects being supported by the Partners. Partner and Campaign logos would be integrated into these interpretive signs based on the Style Guide that will be developed first. The emphasis will be placed on informative content.

Based on the success of similar programs in other highly sensitive such as the National Park Service’s Proud Partner Program, it is believed that it is possible to implement a tasteful and respectful program that allows the District to benefit from the extensive use of the Bridge in corporate advertising that takes place today.