Illustration of Fort Point Arch of the Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District's Board of Directors adopted the following mission statement on January 17, 2003:

"The mission of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) is to provide safe and reliable operation, maintenance and enhancement of the Golden Gate Bridge and to provide transportation services, as resources allow, for customers within the U.S. Highway 101 Golden Gate Corridor."

Photo of GGT Buses in Maintenance ShopPrior to 2003, on December 21, 1990, the Board adopted a mission statement as follows: The Mission of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District is to provide safe, efficient and reliable means for the movement of people, goods, and services within the Golden Gate Corridor. In carrying out this mission, the District operates and maintains the Golden Gate Bridge in structurally sound condition to provide safe and efficient travel for vehicles and other modes of transportation; provide public transit services, such as buses and ferries, which operate in a safe, affordable, timely and efficient manner; and carries out its activities in a cost-effective and fiscally responsible manner. The district recognizes its responsibility to work as a partner with federal, state, regional and local governments and agencies to best meet the transportation needs of the people, communities and businesses of San Francisco and the North Bay.

Additional Background Information

In 1969, with the mandate from the California State Legislature to enter the public transit business, the District planned, developed, and implemented what is today a nationally renowned bus and ferry system. The District is also unique among Bay Area transit operations because it provides transit services without support from local sales tax measures or dedicated general funds. As the District does not have the authority to levy taxes, the use of surplus Bridge toll revenue is the only available local means the District has to support the District's regional transit services. Presently, Golden Gate Transit bus and Golden Gate Ferry operations are funded nearly 50 percent by surplus Golden Gate Bridge tolls and 20 percent by transit fares. The remainder is met by federal, state and local subsidies along with advertising, concessions, and property equipment rental revenues and District reserves.

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