Posted May 10, 2011


Item passed by the Board of Directors on Friday, May 13, 2011

On May 13, 2011, the Transportation Committee of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (GGBHTD) will be asked to approve the implementation of Sunday service on Golden Gate Transit (GGT) Route 101, effective September 11, 2011, for a 9 month trial period at a cost of $224,000.

Route 101 Launches in 2009, Expands in 2010

In June 2009, GGT launched express Route 101 as a weekday service connecting the North Bay communities along U.S. Highway 101 and the City of San Francisco. Route 101 was designed to offer customers a 30 minute time savings by making fewer stops when compared to the Route 80, the only public transit option between Santa Rosa and San Francisco, which could take up to 3 hours due to the number of stops along the route. In June 2010, Route 101 service was expanded to include operation during peak hours on Saturdays as a supplement Route 80 which was experiencing overcrowding. Route 101 weekday service operates southbound from Santa Rosa between approximately 4:30 am and 4:30 pm, and northbound from San Francisco between 6 am and 8 pm.

Route 101 Success

Route 101 service has been attractive to both individuals who depend upon public transit and individuals who have access to an automobile but choose to take transit. In particular, Route 101 service benefits riders by relieving overcrowding and affording significant travel time savings over Route 80 service. Ridership is growing, for example weekday ridership rose over 23 percent compared to a year ago.

PROPOSAL: Expand Route 101 to now Operate on Sundays

Currently, on Sundays, GGT operates one Route 80 per hour from the North Bay to San Francisco, which is experiencing overcrowding. GGT has received requests from both the public and bus operators to institute Sunday Route 101 service. If Route 101 service is added on Sundays, Sonoma County passengers will particularly benefit because service will increase from once per hour to twice per hour.

It is recommended that Route 101 Sunday service be implemented on September 11, 2011. This new service would replicate the current Saturday Route 101 service, with southbound morning and northbound afternoon trips. As was done when Saturday service Route 101 service was implemented, Sunday Route 80 trips would be unchanged but would be supplemented by this additional new service.

The estimate operating cost of providing the Sunday Route 101 service for the nine month period to be $280,000. Fare revenues are estimated to be a minimum of 20% of operating costs (or $56,000), although the actual amount of fare revenue based on experience with weekday and Saturday service could be higher. Accordingly, the $280,000 cost minus the anticipated fares of $56,000 results in an estimated net cost of $224,000.