Posted August 20, 2012

Starting Monday, September 10, 2012
Golden Gate Transit Bus Stop Locations on Fremont and Pine Streets Are Moving due to Construction

New Afternoon Pick-Up Locations for 13 Commute Routes

On Monday, September 10, 2012, specific Golden Gate Transit (GGT) weekday afternoon departure locations on Fremont Street and Pine Street are being relocated to due to a major building construction project that is anticipated to take more than two years to complete. Currently, GGT has three primary locations for northbound commuters to choose from to catch their weekday, afternoon departures from the Financial District:

  1. On Fremont just north of the intersection with Folsom
  2. Along Fremont between Mission & Market, along Pine between Battery & Front
  3. Along Sansome between California & Merchant

Afternoon departure locations included in # 2 ABOVE ARE MOVING. The impacted Routes are: 8, 18, 24, 27, 38, 44, 54, 56, 58, 72, 72x, 74, 76 with the exception of Routes 2 and 4 which are not moving and remain on Pine as they are currently.

The stops under #1 and #3 above ARE NOT MOVING and remain as they are currently.

Route Current Stop Location New Stop Location Approx. Distance that Stop is Moving, Effective Sept. 10
Route 8 On Pine, closer to Front On Pine, closer to Battery, in front of 160 Pine Less than 1/2 a block
Route 18 On Fremont, closer to Market On Pine, closer to Battery, in front of 160 Pine About 2 blocks
Route 24 On Fremont, between Mission and Market On Pine, closer to Front, in front of the Ace Hardware store About 2 1/2 blocks
Routes 27, 38, 44 On Fremont, closer to Mission On Fremont, closer to Market, just south of the driveway for 333 Market parking garage (and north of 45 Fremont) Less than 1/2 a block
Routes 54, 56, 58 On Fremont, south of Mission On Fremont, north of Mission, in front of 45 Fremont About 1 block
Routes 72, 72X, 74, 76 On Fremont, south of Mission On Fremont, at Mission Less than 1/2 a block
Routes 2, 4 On Pine REMAINS on Pine NOT MOVING

Map (PDF version)

For more information, visit or call 511 or 711 (TDD).