October 13, 2006



In July 1999, Golden Gate Transit (GGT) launched its Bike Racks on Buses program with the installation of front-mounted, exterior bicycle racks accommodating two bikes on all 40-foot-long buses. The GGT fleet included 150 buses with front-mounted, exterior racks. At that time, because of their length, all buses that were 45-feet long could not be equipped under California Vehicle Code 35400, section b.8.

On Monday, October 16, 2006, GGT unveils its new luggage bay bike rack program for all 52 of its 45-foot-long buses. The new racks are located on a mount that slides out from the luggage bay for easy loading of up to two bicycles. Click here to download QuickTime movies showing bikes being loaded and unloaded.

GGT users and cyclists are encouraged to become familiar with the new luggage bay racks by:

  1. Visiting www.goldengatetransit.org/services/bikes.php
  2. E-mailing events@goldengate.org for the new Bike to Transit brochure or the Luggage Bay Bike Rack Quick Reference Guide, available October 19
  3. Calling toll-free 511 (711 TDD)

Remember, GGT all bicycle racks are used at your own risk, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cyclists must load and unload bikes themselves and, for safety reasons, GGT operators may not leave the bus to assist cyclists. Recumbent, tandem, motorized, three-wheeled, muddy, dirty or greasy bicycles are NOT permitted.

Additional Background
The luggage bay racks were funded through a combination of grants from the Transportation Fund for Clean-Air (through the Transportation Authority of Marin) and Federal Transit Administration funds.

The GGT fleet currently includes 52 buses that are 45-feet-long buses that now have luggage bay bike racks and that operate on commute routes only: Marin County: Sausalito, Marin City Route 2; Mill Valley Route 4; Tiburon Route 8; College of Marin/Larkspur/Corte Madera Route 18; Lagunitas/Fairfax/San Anslemo Route 24; San Anselmo Routes 26 and 27; Terra Linda Route 38, Lucas Valley/Marinwood Route 44; San Marin/Novato Routes 54 and 56; Novato/Ignacio Route 58. Sonoma County: Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park/Cotati Route 72; Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma Routes 73 and 74; Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park/Cotati/Petaluma/Marin Civic Center Route 75; Petaluma Route 76.