May 26, 2005

On “Spare the Air” Days Only

Ride Free during Weekday Morning Commute Aboard

Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry


Between June 1 and October 14, 2005, during the first five non-holiday “Spare the Air” weekdays declared by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), rides between 4 am and 9 am will be FREE aboard Golden Gate Transit (GGT) and Golden Gate Larkspur and Sausalito Ferry (GGF).  After 9 am on “Spare the Air” days, GGT and GGF customers will be responsible for paying their fares.

In February 2005, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) approved a Clean Air in Motion (CAM) Program featuring initiatives aimed at reducing motor vehicle emissions and attaining federal and state air quality standards. As part of CAM, both MTC and BAAQMD joined forces to launch the new 2005 Spare the Air-Free Morning Transit Commute promotion.

GGT and GGF customers will begin receiving notification of this new promotion in late May. To attract the attention of the general public within the GGT and GGF service area, BAAQMD has funded the “wrapping” of a GGT articulated bus (60 feet) in an eye-catching, deep blue sign to promote the free morning commute on “Spare the Air” days.  Further, an advertising and public education campaign will be launched in early June targeting the entire Bay Area.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) is one of 21 Bay Area transit operators  participating in this special program.  MTC and BAAQMD will reimburse each of the transit operators for lost fare revenue during the specified commute hours—estimated at $3.9 million for all participating agencies.

The public can get advanced notification of “Spare the Air” days by registering at “AirAlerts” at  For more information, call toll-free 511 or visit

Wrapped Spare the Air bus