Updated: October 25, 2005



The Board of Directors of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District held t a public hearing on Thursday, August 11, 2005, at 5 pm, to receive public comment on a proposal to eliminate Golden Gate Transit (GGT) shuttle bus Routes 32 and 34 due to very low ridership. Following the hearing, a recommendation was made to the Transportation Committee on September 8 to cancel these routes, and the full Board of Directors approved this proposal on September 23, 2005.

GGT Routes 32 and 34 serve as shuttles during peak commute periods linking the Peacock Gap and Santa Venetia areas of San Rafael with the San Rafael Transit Center (SRTC). Although these routes were initially identified for elimination in 2003 due to low ridership, instead, to preserve transit options in these areas, the routes were modified to become commute shuttles to SRTC where passengers transfer to San Francisco-bound buses.

Since becoming shuttle routes, both have continued to operate well below acceptable productivity standards. The generally acceptable productivity standard is 20 passengers/trip or 20 passengers per/hour. Both routes carry less than 5 riders per trip and less than 12 riders per hour, resulting in a subsidy per passenger trip of $32.29 for Route 32 and $12.57 for Route 34. The overall regional bus service subsidy per passenger trip is $8.56. These routes represent an expensive commitment of peak period resources for a very small number of passengers.

In April 2005, Route 32 averaged 1.9 passengers per trip on its 10 daily trips between Peacock Gap and the SRTC. The most heavily used trip carried 3 riders.  In April 2005, Route 34 averaged 4.9 passengers per trip on its 14 daily trips between Santa Venetia and SRTC. The most heavily used trip on this route carried 16 riders. These Route 34 figures include San Francisco transbay commute riders as well as local Marin riders, including about a dozen local students on the 7 am Route 34 trip.

Route 32 is the only regularly scheduled bus service through the Peacock Gap/Glenwood area. It has some local ridership, including a few riders heading to Peacock Gap in the morning. Route 34 service to Santa Venetia is complemented by midday service on local bus Route 33, which is contracted by the Marin County Transit District (MCTD). Route 34 carries as many or more local riders as it does San Francisco-bound passengers.

If the routes were eliminated on December 11, 2005,  the projected six-month expense reduction between December 12, 2005, and June 30, 2006, (the close of the current fiscal year) is estimated to be $183,960. If all existing bus riders on these routes discontinue riding GGT, fare revenue would decrease by about $20,000 during this same time period.


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