Updated August 7, 2008


Construction is underway to make access and parking improvements to the parking lot at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. These improvements include additional net parking spaces, additional traffic controls for safety, improved accessibility, and enhanced walking and biking trails.

Please be aware that various parking and traffic flow areas will be impacted. Also, please observe all “No Parking” signs and follow the directions of flagman directing traffic in the parking lot. As always, your patience and cooperation is most appreciated.

We look forward to a new and improved parking lot design that we hope will be most beneficial to our passengers and the local community.


On Friday, June 27, 2008, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) Board of Directors authorized the award of a $1.3 million construction contract for the Golden Gate Ferry Larkspur Terminal Parking and Access Improvements Project (Project) to Ghilotti Bros., Inc., San Rafael, CA. The Project will reconfigure the existing parking lot and convert a portion of the existing landscape areas along the perimeter of the terminal to accommodate 217 additional parking spaces. The total number of spaces, once the project is completed, will be 1,808 as follows:

Larkspur Ferry Customer parking spaces = 1691

Larkspur Ferry Disabled Customer parking spaces = 28

Larkspur Ferry Customer Carpool/HOV parking spaces = 30

Golden Gate Ferry Employee/Reserved Parking = 59

The Project will involve:

  • Saw cutting and demolition of the existing pavement, curbs and sidewalks and grading of existing landscaped areas.
  • Modifying existing and constructing new drainage facilities.
  • Restoring the existing bicycle path to its original use (rather than being used for overflow parking as it has been).
  • Relocating the bike path at the entrance along the creek that includes a new bicycle bridge.
  • Installing new and restoring existing landscaping.
  • Modifying existing and constructing new lighting, including three (3) existing light fixtures being replaced with new LED light fixtures on solar powered light posts.
  • Installing in-roadway lighting systems to improve safety in two crosswalks.
  • Installing new benches at two viewing areas adjacent to bike/pedestrian path at south end of Terminal to enhance access to bay views.
  • Replacing existing bicycle racks.
  • Installing traffic slowing speed bumps at 4 locations along the Terminal’s perimeter road.
  • Installing additional wayfinding signs and safety signs to improve access and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The Project construction schedule is as follows:

Construction Began : Mid July 2008. All of the earth work will be completed by October 15, 2008, in advance of the rainy season.

Contract Completion: Late December 2008 to Early 2009