Updated December 4, 2008


Ticket Books will no longer be sold after December 14, 2008

Customers Must Switch to TransLink to Continue to Receive the Commute Discount

FREE TransLink cards will be distributed to customers with Frequent Ferry Rider discount ticket books at the San Francisco Ferry Terminal, from 3pm to 7pm on:

Tuesday, December 9

Thursday, January 8

Wednesday, January 21

On October 10, 2008, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board of Directors authorized the elimination of the Golden Gate Larkspur and Sausalito Ferry “Frequent Ferry Rider” discount ticket books, effective December 31, 2008, and approved the transition to TransLink® smartcard fare payment as the sole means for receiving frequent rider discounts. As an additional courtesy to transitioning customers, a 31-day grace period following the December 31st expiration date will be provided to use any remaining Frequent Ferry Rider tickets.

Since the full system wide launch of Translink on Golden Gate Ferry in September 2007, customers have been offered two means to obtain frequent rider discounts: (1) TransLink and (2) the traditional Frequent Ferry Rider discount ticket books. Currently, about 25% of all ferry customers use TransLink.

TransLink is now experiencing 100% reliability and is exceeding the 95% “up-time” performance standard for the Golden Gate Ferry system. Also, Commuter Check recently launched an “e-voucher” solution, now making it easier for customers to apply tax-free benefits electronically from an employer directly to a TransLink card.

The elimination of the now redundant Frequent Ferry Rider discount ticket books is projected to save an estimated $22,875 annually which includes savings in printing costs and in streamlining operating efficiencies such as reduced auditing requirements, reduced ticket book stocking and delivery, and shredding expenses for expired ticket books.

Since the TransLink system wide launch in September 2007, Golden Gate Transit (GGT) buses also accept TransLink. As the Golden Gate Ferry system is much less complex than the GGT bus system, with its smaller customer market and fixed terminal locations, at this time, only ferry customers will be transitioned to only being offered TransLink. GGT customers will continue to be offered two methods to take advantage of frequent rider discounts: (1) TransLink and (2) the GGT customer Ride Value Ticket books.

Ferry Fares: The TransLink (and Frequent Rider Ticket) fare is $4.70 or a $2.75 discount off the adult cash fare or a discount of 37%. Sausalito Ferry adult cash fare is $7.45 and TransLink (and Frequent Rider Ticket) fare is $4.00 or a $3.45 discount off the adult cash fare or a discount of 46%.

Current Ridership: In August 2008, the average weekday Larkspur ridership was approximately 5,300 and the average weekday Sausalito was approximately 2,500.