July 20, 2007


Construction Projects at Larkspur Ferry Terminal


New Secured Storage Building – Work to begin week of August 6
Work will be starting soon on a new secured delivery and storage building that will be constructed near Berth 3 located on the north side of the Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry Terminal (LFT). The new 20 x 40 foot prefabricated metal building is being added to ensure that delivery of Golden Gate Ferry concessionaires’ supplies are properly inspected and stored securely prior to being place aboard vessels. The current delivery system allows for deliveries to be made within the secured passenger waiting areas which does not allow for proper inspection prior to their delivery into the passenger waiting areas. The contractor is expected to complete the work by the end of October 2007.

The work will begin with site preparation, dirt removal and demolition of the curb area—this work is expected to take about two weeks. Following this, construction of the storage building will take place. Work hours will vary between 6 am and 4:30 pm on weekdays. Customer impact during construction will be very minimal—several disabled parking spaces will be temporarily closed and the “row of newspaper boxes” will be temporarily re-located to the far left of the ticket window.

The project cost is $320,000, with $266,000 coming from a combination of grant funds from the FY 2005 Transit Security Grant Program and the Federal Transit Administration. The remaining $54,000 will come from Bridge toll revenues.

See Project Location Map.

Fuel Pipe Line Replacement – Work is underway and will be competed in next 2 months
The existing fuel line at LFT is currently being replaced with more a modern system. The fenced area that customers see now on the sidewalk between the Terminal and Administration Building is being used to assemble the new pipe and ready it for installation. This project is anticipated to be completed in the next two months or in September 2007 and will cost $503,000 allocated from Bridge toll dollars.

LFT Administration Building Remodeling – Works starts in August 2007
Starting soon, the administration building at LFT will undergo modernization of the HVAC system. The project also includes the addition of a conference room and installation of walls to separate functions of the Maintenance shop from the Administrative offices. A new fire exit stairway will also be installed. This project, once underway, will take approximately six months to complete. This work will start in August 2007 and will cost $403,000 allocated from Bridge toll dollars.