Updated March 20, 2008


March 13 and March 14 Meetings

March 14: Board of Directors Meeting

  1. The Resolution included in the March 13 Staff Report (link below) as Attachment D was modified today by a vote of 10 “yes” and 8 “no” and 1 absent. The Resolution was modified under Number 7 on page 5 of the Resolution to read, “The net proceeds of the variable toll that the Board Directors ultimately approves will be used to fund congestion relief projects or services provided by the District.” The words that were removed at the end of the sentence were “within the Golden Gate Corridor, including Doyle Drive,” and these were replaced by the words, “provided by the District."
  2. Following the modification to the Resolution, the entire Resolution was then passed by a vote of 10 “yes” and 8 “no” and 1 absent.
  3. Summary of Board member's individual votes on March 14.

March 13: Finance-Auditing Committee Meeting - The Resolution included in the Staff Report (link below) as Attachment D passed today (March 13) in the Finance Committee, with a vote of 13 yes and 0 no.

Read the March 13 Finance-Auditing Committee Staff Report.

The Bay Area has been awarded $158.7 million in grant funds through the Urban Partnership Program (UPP). For these funds to flow to the projects included, a variable pricing toll structure must be in operation on either Doyle Drive through the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) or the Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge) through the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) by no later than September 30, 2009, and that tolling authority be established by March 31, 2008. SFCTA does not have authority to establish toll. The District has statutory authority to establish tolls for Bridge user and the discretion to incorporate a congestion pricing component to meet the UPP deadline of March 31, 2008.

On Thursday, March 13, at the 10 am, Finance Committee of the District’s Board of Directors will discuss the concept of the District establishing a congestion toll so that the UPP funds are not lost to the Bay Area. The specific approach and amount of the congestion pricing toll is not yet been developed and the revenues of such a toll are envisioned to be used to fund additional public transit service options. If the Finance Committee approves moving forward with this concept, the full Board of Directors will take up the matter at their Board meeting on March 14 at 10 am.


January 11, 2008, Meeting Update

Outcome of January 11 meeting: The Board voted 10 to 8 to continue the Doyle Drive matter for further discussion at a future meeting (with no date set). The Board members agreed that Doyle Drive must be reconstructed, but Board members did not agree on how that reconstruction should/could be financed. A substitute motion by First Vice President Al Boro calling for no toll was introduced but not voted on as the motion to continue the matter took precedence.

January 11 Board Staff Report

Additional materials distributed at the meeting

Substitute motion from District Director Al Boro that was not voted on

January 9, 2008, letter from Bill Dodd, MTC Chair, to District Board President Moylan

January 14, 2008, letter from District Board President Moylan to MTC Chair Bill Dowd


December 14, 2007, Meeting Update

The Board voted to continue discussions until the Board meeting of January 11, 2008 at 10 am. Read the Draft Resolution presented at the December 14, 2007 meeting.


December 7, 2007, Meeting Update

The GGBHTD Board agreed that they want staff to draft the actual resolution regarding supporting the SFCTA in their efforts to obtain toll authority prior to adopting that resolution. A draft resolution will be brought back to the regularly scheduled Board meeting at 10 am on December 14 for consideration. Many of the Board members did express the sentiment that, in addition to wanting to ensure that the toll be collected for all Doyle users, they also do not want the Bridge District to be the toll collecting authority. A vote was not taken today. Read the December 7 Staff Report and additional information noted.

Golden Gate Bridge Board of Directors

Consider Supporting SFCTA in Obtaining Legislation for SFCTA to

Have Tolling Authority to Collect a Toll for Doyle Drive

At the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) Special Meeting of the Board of Directors on Friday, December 7, 2007, at 10 am, the Board will consider ONLY THE approval of a position of support for proposed legislation calling for collection of a toll on Doyle Drive by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) contingent upon any such toll being collected from all users of Doyle Drive.

SFCTA and MTC have opened discussions with the District, about using our tolling authority to meet the deadline if legislation is not in place. AND the District has repeatedly stated its strong concern that any Doyle Drive toll impact all users of the roadway and not just those that access it via the Golden Gate Bridge.   

SFCTA requires state legislation to be allowed to collect tolls for Doyle Drive; they do not require any approvals from the Bridge District.

In August 2007, the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that the Bay Area was to be awarded $158.7 million in discretionary grant funds under the Urban Partnership Program (UPP).  Among the projects to be funded are the Doyle Drive reconstruction and parking improvements at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.  The UPP grant requires that, as a condition of receiving the funds, a congestion management toll be collected on Doyle Drive with the understanding that the funds collected would be used to assist in funding the reconstruction of Doyle Drive.  The UPP  grant requires that the legal authority to collect tolls on Doyle Drive must be in place by March 31, 2008, and tolls must be collected starting no later than September 30, 2009. SFCTA does not have any authority to collect a toll and they intend to seek such legislative authority in the upcoming 2008 session.  SFCTA, in conjunction with MTC has developed plans for pursuit of such legislation

It is being recommended for discussion that the District take a formal position that states its support of SFCTA’s efforts to get legislative authority to collect tolls on Doyle Drive, subject to the legislation including language that makes it clear that all users of Doyle Drive will be tolled and not just those who access the facility from the Golden Gate Bridge.  Without such language calling for all users to be tolled, the District should not support any legislation that calls for tolling of Golden Gate Bridge users only for purposes of funding Doyle Drive reconstruction.   Given that the Urban Partnership Program grant specifically requires that there be an element of congestion pricing in the collection of a Doyle Drive toll, it is critical that the toll be collected from all users of Doyle Drive who collectively contribute to the congestion experienced on Doyle Drive