Measure A Passes - Marin County's 20-Year Transportation Sales Tax


On Tuesday, November 2, Marin County residents approved Measure A, a special tax measure by the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) to implement a 20-year Transportation Plan. TAM developed the Detailed Expenditure Plan for the allocation of sale tax funds and generally includes the following:

  • 55% will be allocated toward maintaining and improving local Marin County bus transit services provided by the Marin County Transit District (MCTD). MCTD is the agency which sets all bus routes, schedules and fares for local transit routes. MCTD hires Golden Gate Transit to provide the local route service. They do this because MCTD does not have its own equipment to operate the service and having only one bus service operating in Marin County works best for customers who want to move between local and regional routes.   Funds from Measure A are primarily for local routes within Marin County. They can be used to help fund regional bus routes into San Francisco as long as the value of Bridge tolls used for the regional bus route has not diminished. This was included to insure that Measure A funds are not used to replace existing toll revenues used for bus transit. All decisions on how to expend Measure A funds for transit improvements will be made by MCTD and TAM. For more information about MCTD, visit
  • 7.5% will be used to accelerate completion of the Highway 101 Carpool Lane Gap Closure Project through San Rafael.
  • 26.5% will be used to maintain and improve local roads and other infrastructure.
  • 11% will be used to reducing local congestion around schools and providing safe routes to schools.