Updated March 4, 2014

All Golden Gate Bridge Toll Rates Increase on April 7, 2014

At the February 28 meeting of the Board of Directors, a toll rate increase was approved, beginning on April 7, 2014, with a $1 increase for FasTrak from $5 to $6 and for Pay-By-Plate from $6 to $7. The toll increase is projected to raise $138 million over the coming 5 years which will assist greatly in reducing the current $142 million 5-year shortfall.

CLICK HERE to see all multi-axle toll rate increases.

Read archived news item HERE for additional background. Read the summary of the action taken at the Finance Committee meeting on February 27 HERE.

Why a Toll Increase?

The District is facing $142 million 5-yr shortfall due to the following primary factors:

Asset preservation for future generations: Tolls allow us to maintain the facilities and equipment that serve more than 50 million customers annually. The capital improvement budget for the next 10 years has grown to $1.4 billion. We anticipate that $370 million of this must be raised from tolls to qualify for maximum federal and state grant funding. Click HERE for key examples of critical infrastructure projects that will be initiated in the next 5 years.

Keeping traffic moving by offering alternatives: One-half of every toll dollar is used to subsidize the bus and ferry system which in turn keeps traffic moving across the span by reducing commute traffic by 25%.

Doyle Drive commitment: The District committed $75 million to the project, due at the end of construction.

Keeping pace with inflation as traffic volumes remain flat: The District has four funding sources to draw from: tolls, transit fares, grants, and advertising/concessions. Toll revenues have remained flat as traffic volumes have not grown.