September 12, 2008

Golden Gate Pelican, Named "G.G." by her Caretakers, Released Back to the Wild Today at Fort Baker

Today, shortly after noon, at Fort Baker, the Golden Gate Pelican, named “G.G.” by her caretakers, was released at Fort Baker by Bridge Service Operator Joe Carver (pictured below in photo on right). Bridge Patrol Officer Jose Sanchez and Bridge Service Operator Joe Carver are pictured on the left carrying her to her release location. The dedicated staff and volunteers at the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) in Fairfield, Ca. brought G.G. back to good health, and G.G. was determined to be ready for release today. She was released along with eight (8) other juvenile pelicans.



Documentary filmmaker there, Judy Irving, who produced the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, has followed G.G.’s recovery and plans to include this story in a future documentary. An audience of about 15 moms and kids stopped by from the Discovery Museum to watch the release.

G.G. was rescued on the Golden Gate Bridge on August 12, 2008, by Bridge Lt. Sheri Creer, Bridge Patrol Officer Jose Sanchez and Bridge Service Operator Joe Carver, after she ended up in the southbound lanes at about 2:45 on that day. G.G. was rescued between mid-span and the south tower at light pole number 92 on the southbound side. G.G., while awaiting proper medical care, waited patiently in the Bridge Patrol vehicle back seat for about 40 minutes. She was then taken to Wild Care in San Rafael, Ca. and from there she was transfer to IBRRC. Check out the IRBC recovery center website; they are amazing folks who love what they do and were so happy to have helped G.G.: