Updated September 20, 2013

THE VOTE BY FULL BOARD, September 20: The vote on the purchase and installation of a Moveable Median Barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge, with 14 of 19 Board members present, was unanimous in favor.

THE VOTE, September 19, 2013: 11 members of the 19 member Board of Directors were present at the Building and Operating Committee/Committee of the Whole. The vote was unanimous in favor of going forward with the purchase and installation of the Moveable Median Barrier. The full Board of Directors will be asked to concur with this vote at their 10 am meeting tomorrow, Friday, September 20, 2013.

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(1) Accept Final Design of the MMB,
(2) Authorize Purchase of the MMB,
(3) Authorize Installation during a 52-hour Weekend Closure of the Golden Gate Bridge in Late October/Early November 2014

The Golden Gate Bridge will be a step closer to the installation of Moveable Median Barrier (MMB) after the Building and Operating (B&O) Committee meets on Thursday, September 19 (immediately following the Transportation Committee which starts at 10 am). With all of the required MMB design, environmental and technical studies completed, the B&O Committee and full Board of Directors at their Friday meeting will be asked to ACCEPT the Final Design of the MMB and authorize its PURCHASE and INSTALLATION in late October or early November 2014.

The addition of the MMB will aid in improving safety on the GGB by minimizing cross-over-head-on accidents. The GGB does have a low accident rate when compared to similar undivided roadways but it is important that the MMB is added to the span to improve safety for all motorists. On the Golden Gate Bridge, from 2006 to 2010, there were 306 collisions, with 83 injuries and no fatalities, resulting in an accident rate of 0.85 per million vehicles. The last head-on, crossover fatality was in July 2001.

To safely install the MMB, now planned for late October to early November 2014, there will be a full weekend closure of the Golden Gate Bridge roadway. The closure will be approximately 52 hours in duration from Friday night to Monday morning.

MMB System Budget: $26.5 million: $20 million (76%) from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission via the State of CA; $1,379,200 (5%) in federal funds, and $5,120,800 (19%) GGB tolls.

MMB Description: The MMB system for the Golden Gate Bridge will include approximately 11,538 feet of moveable barrier. The barrier consists of 12-inch wide and 32-inch high, 39-inch long (measured from pin to pin) steel clad units filled with high density concrete tightly pinned together to form a semi-rigid moveable median barrier. The barrier is comprised of 3,517 individual pieces, each weighing in at 1,500 lbs. The system also includes two barrier transfer machines, aka “zipper” trucks.

MMB Renderings: From Sidewalk  |  From Roadway

MMB Timeline:
B installation: Targeted to occur over a weekend in late October/early November 2014.

2012 to 2013: Completed the Final Design, prepared construction bid documents, and developed a Cooperative Agreement with Caltrans to outline the coordination of responsibilities for environmental evaluation, design and construction of the portion of the GGB MMB to be installed within the Highway 101 right-of-way north and south of the Bridge.

2008 to 2011: After funding from MTC was identified, the District completed required Draft Environmental Studies and Preliminary Design and Wind Tunnel Testing.

2003 to 2007: No available funding to continue working on the MMB project. Project was on hold.

1998 to 2002: Board of Directors, by Resolution 98-116, authorized a conceptual approval for the installation of the Barrier Systems, Inc. 1-ft-wide MMB on the Bridge and authorized staff to investigate acceptable solutions to the 28 remaining technical and operational items that must be resolved prior to MMB installation. Feasibility Studies that came out of the conceptual approval process were conducted.

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