December 13, 2014


The Golden Gate Bridge will be closed completely in just THREE WEEKS - the weekend of January 10-11, 2015 - for the installation of the Moveable Median Barrier (MMB).

In preparation for the MMB, barrier units are stacked and waiting, blue guideline dots are being laid down, and logos have been placed on the zipper trucks.


More than 3,200 metal and concrete barrier units have been stacked near the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza Administration Building, off Merchant Road. The barrier units are 12 inches wide, 32 inches high steel clad units filled with high density concrete. They will be connected in a line using steel pins to form a semi-rigid median barrier, and will stay in place through tension and their own weight. Each barrier weighs approximately 1,500 pounds.


The Golden Gate Bridge now has a hint of blue on its roadway…with more to come over the next few weeks.

Blue dots are being installed on the Bridge roadway, which will become guidelines for the MMB zipper trucks to follow as they move the Barrier to different lanes to accommodate traffic flow.

The middle four lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge will be closed several times overnight in the coming weeks, in order to complete the new blue guide lines.

Generally, the lanes will close at 9 pm in the southbound direction, and at 11 pm in the northbound direction. All lanes reopen at 5 am.

This work and accompanying lane closures are weather dependent. If significant rain occurs, the work and lane closures will be cancelled and rescheduled for a later date. The District will watch the weather closely before sending out crews to lay down the new guide lines.


The two zipper trucks needed for this work now have their logos so you can see their finished look. Check out the pictures below.


Modifications to the Toll Plaza continue for the reconstruction of toll booth number 8 and the retrofit of toll booth number 7. This work will be performed within the temporary railing installed a few weeks ago at the Toll Plaza.

The famous 8-foot Art Deco Toll Plaza clock was removed on August 5 and is now undergoing some needed refurbishment. The clock will be reinstalled in early 2015.


The project budget is estimated at $30.3 million, with funding coming from three sources: $20 million (76%) from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission via the State of California; $1,379,200 (5%) in federal funds; and $5,120,800 (19%) from Golden Gate Bridge toll revenues.


New Barriers stacked in preparation for installation
Courtesy: Golden Gate Bridge District

New Blue Guide Lines for the Moveable Median Barrier
Courtesy: Golden Gate Bridge District

Close Up of New Blue Guide Line Dot for the Moveable Median Barrier
Courtesy: Golden Gate Bridge District

Moveable Median Barrier Zipper Truck with Logos
Courtesy: Golden Gate Bridge District

For more information, please contact Priya David Clemens, Public Information Manager.