Posted January 13, 2012

50th Anniversary Brick Walkway Removal Completed
to Make Way for ADA-Related Accessibility Improvements

As part of the 75th Anniversary Year, the southeast plaza at the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge is being revitalized, improving the experience for the millions of people who visit the Bridge each year and reflecting the natural beauty and historic significance of this world-class destination. This is a collaborative effort between the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. This effort includes the construction of a new visitor center as well as the improvement of trails and overlooks in and around the adjacent area. These site improvements will be coupled with new programs and services to enhance the visitor experience for the millions of people who visit the Golden Gate Bridge and its surrounding areas each year.

One of the requirements of any new construction is that facilities be brought up to current codes. Unfortunately, this directly affects the path where the commemorative bricks are located. I am very sorry to report that as part of this construction all of the bricks must be removed to re-grade the entire area to comply with current state and federal standards for accessibility.

At the same time, we recognize the importance that you and others attached to the commemorative bricks installed as part of the Bridge's 50th anniversary. Accordingly, we are implementing several alternative measures to preserve the 50th anniversary bricks by other means.

Before making the decision to remove the bricks in bulk through a demolition process, we did test several ways of attempting to remove the bricks in smaller units, and found that they cannot be removed individually.

As a tribute to recall the 50th Anniversary bricks in spirit, we are doing three things:

  1. We have photos of each brick, so a digital photo of a requested brick may be sent via email; to request an individual image, requests may be sent to with as much information about the brick as possible. Each request may take about seven days for processing.
  2. We have a Google Earth application that allows a search for bricks by inscription or by donor last name. Visit to search for a brick. Email for more information about this application.
  3. A new display is under consideration that may be a digital display. Visit for more information on this site improvement.

The bricks have been on site for almost a quarter century ago so it is understandable that one might assume that the bricks would be at the site in perpetuity. That was not a promised element of the commemorative brick program, however. Attached is a copy of the original pamphlet for the purchase of bricks where in the lower left hand corner it states: “However, no specific warranty on permanence is made by the installer or the District.”

While it does not fully replace the brick, the GGBHTD hopes that the brick owners will take advantage of enjoying the above mentioned tributes for the 50th Anniversary commemorative bricks. If you have any further questions, please contact the Parks Conservancy through