September 13, 2011

Sept. 13 through mid-January 2012

Partial Closure to EAST Sidewalk Impacts Users

Impacts to Pedestrians, Hikers, Joggers, Persons with Disabilities

A 300-ft-long portion of the Golden Gate Bridge East Sidewalk is CLOSED for Seismic Retrofit Construction making through access, from one end of the Golden Gate Bridge to the other, impossible for pedestrians, joggers, hikers, and persons with disabilities during this time. However, partial access remains available for pedestrians, joggers, hikers, and persons with disabilities on a daily basis, sunrise to sunset.

When entering the EAST sidewalk from the SOUTH END of the Bridge or the San Francisco side, the sidewalk will be open for about 1.4 mile or 7,250 feet (2.2 km) to the north which includes the sections at the south and north towers as well as mid-span for viewing. Please note that the south portion of East sidewalk, that will remain open, includes access to almost full length of the Suspension Bridge.

When entering the EAST sidewalk from the NORTH END of the Bridge (Vista Point, Marin County side), the sidewalk will be open for about 700 (0.2 km) feet to the south for viewing.

The partial closure of the East sidewalk is necessary to facilitate complete removal and replacement of the 300-foot long portion of the existing deteriorated concrete sidewalk at the Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge) north anchorage housing which is part of a larger project to upgrade the 74-year-old Bridge to modern seismic standards. While we make every effort to minimize inconveniences that this complex project may impose, modifying and replacing the aging elements of the Bridge necessitates, in some instances, partial overnight traffic lane closures and in this case, partial sidewalk closures. We are working diligently on accelerating the completion of the East sidewalk replacement as possible.

The West sidewalk has been historically used and will continue to be used by the Bridge maintenance crews for access and delivery of materials to various locations. During the partial East sidewalk closure, the West sidewalk has been designated as the 24/7 route for bicyclists. The Bridge District has decided that limiting pedestrian traffic to the partially accessible East sidewalk during construction is a more prudent approach than adding pedestrian traffic to the mix of bicycles and Bridge maintenance operations on the West sidewalk.

Impacts to Bicyclists

Bicycles ONLY (no pedestrians, etc.) will be allowed 24/7 on the WEST sidewalk during this time. The following RULES OF THE ROAD apply because of the main cable painting project occurring now at mid-span on the west sidewalk and other maintenance activities that are accessed from the west sidewalk, on weekdays between the hours of 7 am and 3:30 pm when workers are present:

  1. When instructed by bridge crews, walk your bikes through the 400-foot-long section at mid-span where there is fixed scaffolding that reduces the sidewalk width to 6 feet.
  2. Always yield to bridge crews, scooters, equipment.
  3. Slow down and exercise caution around all maintenance equipment and crews.

NOTE: Under normal operating conditions at the GGB, bicycles are only allowed on the WEST sidewalk on weekends and weekday afternoons from 3:30 to sunset.




golden gate bridge marin anchorage housing



< 300-foot-long section of the

< EAST sidewalk at the

< North Anchorage Housing

< will be CLOSED for 4 months

< for seismic retrofit work,

< from Sept. 13, 2011 through

< mid-January 2012.


Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Construction Project Overview

The Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Construction project was divided into three phases, two of which are now completed. Once the seismic retrofit construction is completed, the GGB will be able to withstand a nearby quake of 8.3 magnitude. Phase 1 retrofit the Marin viaduct structures and was completed in December 2001 and Phase 2 undertook the retrofit of the San Francisco viaduct structures and Fort Point arch. It was completed in spring 2008. Phase 3A is a $125 million project that will be completed in 2012. Phase 3A began in April 2008 and retrofits the Marin Anchorage Housing and Pylon N1. The temporary closure of both sidewalks of the Bridge is required as part of the replacement of the roof of the Marin anchorage housing of which the sidewalks are a part. Phase 3B will retrofit the main span, the two main towers, and south tower pier and fender. This final phase is estimated at $260 million and is planned to go out for construction bids in 2013 and take 3.5 years to complete.