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Phase 3A of the Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge) Seismic Retrofit Construction project began in April 2008 and retrofits the Marin Anchorage Housing and Pylon N1. The temporary closure of the sidewalks is required as part of Phase 3A. The work will involve the replacement of the roof of the Marin anchorage housing of which the Bridge sidewalks are a part.

The entire WEST SIDEWALK will close on Tuesday, May 31. The entire west sidewalk will remain closed through September. During this time, bicycles and pedestrians will share the EAST SIDEWALK. The hours for the use of the EAST SIDEWALK will be as follows: Bicyclists have access 24 hours/day; Pedestrians have access sunrise to sunset.




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golden gate bridge marin anchorage housing

Once the WEST sidewalk work is completed (September 2011), work will shift to the EAST sidewalk and only a 300-foot section of the EAST sidewalk will be closed for a 4-month period. The entire Phase 3A undertaking is projected to be completed in 2012.

Seismic Retrofit Construction Project

The Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Construction project was divided into three phases, two of which are now completed. Once the seismic retrofit construction is completed, the GGB will be able to withstand a nearby quake of 8.3 magnitude. Phase 1 retrofit the Marin viaduct structures and was completed in December 2001, using $71 million in toll dollars. Phase 2 undertook the retrofit of the San Francisco viaduct structures and Fort Point arch. It was completed in spring 2008 at a cost of $189 million. Following the events of September 11, 2001, Phase 3 was redesigned to incorporate additional security measures to aid in protecting against manmade threats as well as to seismic vulnerabilities. Phase 3A is a $125 million project that will be completed in 2012. Phase 3B will retrofit the main span, the two main towers, and south tower pier and fender. This final phase is estimated at $260 million and is planned to go out for construction bids in 2011/2012 and take 3.5 years to complete.