November 8, 2006





The Bay Area’s TransLink® transit fare smart card is now ready to begin the first stage, or the “pre-launch,” of its regionwide expansion with the activation of TransLink equipment on all Golden Gate Transit buses, in Golden Gate Ferry terminals and on all AC Transit and Dumbarton Express buses.

On November 17, 2006, Golden Gate Transit, Golden Gate Ferry and AC Transit, began recruiting several hundred riders to use TransLink cards and to troubleshoot the new high-tech fare payment system. This pre-launch initiative allows regular customers to help identify and resolve any potential issues. This will help ensure trouble-free operation when Golden Gate Transit, Golden Gate Ferry and AC Transit begin full-scale promotion of the TransLink system in 2007.

To sign-up for pre-lauch, click here.

The TransLink system will expand in phases over the next few years to include all other Bay Area transit agencies. BART, Muni and Caltrain are scheduled to activate TransLink throughout their route and stations network in 2007, with SamTrans and the Santa Clara VTA coming aboard in 2008, and 19 other Bay Area transit systems joining in 2009-10. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is spearheading the TransLink initiative on behalf of the Bay Area’s transit agencies.