November 17, 2006


Naming rights or other invasive platforms are not under consideration

On November 17, 2006, the Board of Directors (Board) of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) authorized executing a contract with Sponsorship Strategies, LLC, Novato, CA, to provide planning, development and possible implementation of a corporate partnership program for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. 

The initial phase of work, expected to take approximately six months, will be the planning phase during which Sponsorship Strategies will identify District assets appropriate for partnership opportunities that serve the needs of the District and it constituents. In addition, criteria will be developed to guide program implementation. Following this initial planning phase, and only with Board approval, Sponsorship Strategies would then move forward with implementation of a corporate partnership program. Facing a projected shortfall of $89 million for the coming five years, the District’s goal is to explore the development of a sensitively developed program to generate new revenues.

According to Mary Currie, Spokesperson for the District, “Sponsorship Strategies, LLC, was selected because of their extensive experience and their clear understanding of the sensitivity that this project will require. They clearly demonstrated their understanding of the need to respect the District’s position as a public entity charged with the preservation and operation of a landmark facility.  Their local knowledge of the sensitivities associated with examination and possible implementation of a sponsorship program for the District most closely reflected the values and concerns of the District as relates to this project.  Any program that is developed must take into account and be sensitive to the fact that the Golden Gate Bridge is a public facility owned and managed by a public agency with the duty to preserve the Bridge’s dignity and safety.”  

“Sponsorships would need to provide some form of real value to customers and people who live in the Bay Area,” said Sponsorship Strategies principal, Kevin Bartram. “We will look for ways that corporate partners can be associated with the iconic Bridge in an appropriate way, leveraging other advertising-related assets for generating exposure.”

Bartram is well-known for creating innovative partnerships and is credited with having developed the largest marketing-based sponsorship of any American public university at CSU-Fresno, a $40 million arena naming deal. He has consulted organizations as diverse as NASA, the National Geographic Society, Major League Baseball and several Fortune 500 companies. Bartram and his firm, Sponsorship Strategies, are committed to environmental stewardship and are developing a sustainability practice. Social and environmental consciousness will be applied to the Golden Gate Bridge project as well as future projects.

Phase I of the contract will not exceed $89,920 and is expected to take approximately six months to complete. At the conclusion of Phase I, if the Board approves activating the implementation phase (Phase II), and subject to final negotiation of compensation details, the compensation structure will be based on revenues generated.