The Golden Gate Bridge, Report of the Chief Engineer, Volume II, May 2007

Now Available in Soft Cover for only $24.99


The Golden Gate Bridge turned 70 years old on May 28, 2007. In honor of the 70th Anniversary of the now famed international icon, the second edition of a new historical and technical book is now available for purchase—The Golden Gate Bridge, Report of the Chief Engineer, Volume II, May 2007, by Consulting Engineer Frank L. Stahl, P.E., retired Golden Gate Bridge District Engineer Daniel E. Mohn, P.E., and the District’s Public Affairs Director Mary C. Currie. The second edition is a soft cover volume with 288 pages featuring numerous black and white photos along with a full-color, beautifully designed cover (The first edition, released in May 2007, was a hard cover, individually numbered, limited edition last sold out quickly).

The book builds off of the original Report of the Chief Engineer, 1937, by Joseph B. Strauss (which is no longer sold), and relates the many technical, political, and financial challenges encountered in the late 1940s through the turn of the 21st century. Chronicling the many successful actions taken to maintain the Bridge’s ability to serve as a transportation link well into the future, the book provides insights into the most crucial engineering and design challenges met since the Bridge opened 70 years ago. This is a historical record of the leading role the structure has played in the investigation of long span suspension bridge behavior, in the development of modern design theories, in the application of modern bridge maintenance methods, and in the development of innovative traffic management methodologies. The Bridge has been the scene of many firsts, which are detailed in this volume. Stellar examples of this include the first-ever total replacement of the vertical suspender ropes on a suspension bridge undertaken in the 1970s, and the successful replacement of the entire Bridge roadway in the 1980s.


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