December 17, 2004


1. Authorized Execution of an Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with International Civil Engineering Consultants, Inc., to Increase the Scope of Work under Contract No. 2005-B-3, Analyze Computer Model of the Suspension Bridge, Relative to Phase III of the Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project, in the Amount of $105,000
2. Approved Continuation and Amendment to Letters of Agreement for Local Bus Transit Services to Schools Within the Ross Valley and Larkspur School Districts for the 2004/2005 School Year
3. Authorized Execution of an Agreement with the Marin County Transit District for the Ride and Roll Program on Regional Bus Routes, at a Discounted Monthly Reimbursement Rate of $7,150, for the Period of January through June 2005
4. Authorized Extension of a Maintenance Agreement with InTranS Group, Inc., for Lane Hardware and Software Support Services for the FasTrak Project, at the Monthly Rate of $25,483, for a One-year Term, Commencing February 1, 2005
5. Approved Interior Advertising Onboard Golden Gate Ferries and Authorized Staff to Advertise a Request for Proposals for Interior Ferry Advertising
6. Approved Amendments to the Procurement Manual and the Rules of the Board to Increase the General Manager’s Change Order Authority Limit to Approve Change Orders in an Amount that, when Combined with the Original Contract Amount, does not Exceed $100,000
7. Adopted Amended Conflict of Interest Code
8. Approved Board of Directors Meeting Schedule for the Year 2005

Approved the Following Slate of Officers of the Board of Directors for the Year 2005:

Maureen Middlebrook, President
Maryanne Harrison, First Vice President
Albert J. Boro, Second Vice President

/s/ Janet S. Tarantino, Secretary of the District