Toll Payment Choices

The Golden Gate Bridge all electronic tolling system makes it easier to cross the Bridge. Tolls are assessed electronically using a FasTrak toll tag or with Pay-By-Plate, with no stopping at the Toll Plaza. It’s that easy! We have a convenient payment option to suit every driver’s need. To choose which toll payment option is best suited for you, you should consider how frequently you use the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the method of payment you prefer to use.

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FasTrak Account

FasTrak is the preferred method of toll payment for motorists who use the Golden Gate Bridge or other California toll facilities at least once a year. FasTrak is the only way to receive discounted toll rates and is required for carpools. You maintain a prepaid balance from which your tolls are deducted. Read more


Open a FasTrak Account

License Plate Account

A License Plate Account is a great toll payment option for motorists who prefer to “pay as they go” at the Golden Gate Bridge and choose to forgo the benefits of paying FasTrak’s discounted toll rates. If you use a credit card to open and fund the account, there is no prepaid toll balance required and the toll is charged to your credit card each time you cross the Golden Gate Bridge. If you use cash, a prepaid toll balance equivalent to a single toll is required. Read more


Open a License Plate Account

One-Time Payment

One-Time Payments are suggested for drivers who infrequently cross the Golden Gate Bridge, visitors from out of the area, and customers who want to pay with cash. One-Time Payments may be made online, over the phone, or in person. A One-Time Payment can be made 30 days before you cross the Bridge, or within 48 hours after your crossing (this also applies to rental vehicles). One-Time Payments may be made online with a credit card or with cash at a Cash Payment Location. Read more


Make a One-Time Payment

Toll Invoice

If customers do not open a FasTrak or a License Plate Account, or make a One-Time Payment, tolls are assessed using the License Plate number of the vehicle and a Toll Invoice is mailed to the registered owner, with no added fees. The Toll Invoice must be paid within 21 days to avoid Toll Violations and fines. To avoid potential late fees, the FasTrak, License Plate, or One-Time payment options are recommended. Read more


Pay a Toll Invoice