Posted August 15, 2014

Golden Gate Transit Rolling Out WiFi on All Buses
Stay Connected on the Move

Golden Gate Transit (GGT) customers will start seeing WiFi on their buses. The free service is easy to use and will allow customers to check email or surf the Internet while they ride the bus to work or school or as they make their way across town.

Equipment installation began a few weeks ago and will continue nightly until all GGT buses are equipped with the new hardware. After each bus installation, the network will temporarily stay on to allow for testing, so customers may see WiFi available on a bus one day but not the next. After installations and testing are completed and onboard signage and printed customer materials are available, the network will be turned on for all buses and routes.

To connect to GGT’s WiFi network, customers should search for the “GGT WIFI” wireless network (under “Settings” in most devices). Some devices may even be set up to automatically search for available networks. No password is necessary, but customers will need to accept Terms and Conditions of Use.

Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on this new service by calling our Customer Service Center at 511 (say “Golden Gate Transit,” then “operator”)/TDD 711 (open weekdays, 7am to 6pm), or by using our online Bus Comment form.


The District has worked for years to provide robust wireless access to its bus riders. Following several unsuccessful attempts due to the unique characteristics of our service area, we evaluated several new solutions and equipment vendors used by other Bay Area bus operators and, in April 2014, selected a comprehensive and reliable solution.