Posted December 2, 2010

Click for new bus schedules effective December 12 & 13.

Golden Gate Transit Announces Bus Service Adjustments
Effective Sunday, December 12, and

Monday, December 13, 2010

Golden Gate Transit (GGT) implements bus schedule adjustments four times per year (March, June, September and December) to improve service delivery and operating efficiencies. The following is a summary of the most pertinent adjustments for customers to take note of.

Effective Sunday, December 12

New Northbound Routing in San Francisco for Routes 10, 70, 80, 101, 101x

  • Basic Routes 10, 70, 80, 101, and 101X: The northbound San Francisco bus stop on Fremont Street has been moved to Main Street between Howard and Folsom. These routes will also experience minor time adjustments to some schedules.


Effective Monday, December 13

Improved Northbound Service between San Francisco and Sonoma County

  • Northbound Route 101 trips added at 8:04pm on weekdays and 6:31pm on Saturdays.
  • Northbound Route 80 weekday trip at 5:46 am converted to Route 101 departing at 6:03am.
  • Northbound Route 70 weekday trip at 5:18 am converted to Route 80 departing at 5:06 am.


New Northbound Routing in San Francisco for Routes 2, 4, 8

  • Commute Routes 2, 4, and 8: The northbound San Francisco bus stop on Main Street near Howard will be moved to Fremont Street near Folsom.


Afternoon Time Adjustments to ALL Commute Routes

  • Due to ongoing construction on Doyle Drive (follow this Caltrans project in greater detail at, all northbound weekday afternoon COMMUTE ROUTE travel times from San Francisco to Marin and Sonoma will be adjusted. Customers should check new timetables.



Routes 36, 40, 42, and 72F : Schedules adjusted up to six minutes to improve connections and running times; Route 17: General schedule revisions; Route 22: Last 4 northbound weekday trips no longer serve Strawberry Village, plus some general Schedule revisions; Route 23: General schedule revisions; Route 24: Northbound 3:56 pm and 4.22 pm trips no longer serve bus pads south of the Lucky Dr./Hwy 101 bus pad. See Route 18 for service from San Francisco to the bus pads; Route 71: Northbound 6:03 am weekday trip from Marin City added. Northbound 11:33 am Sunday trip from Marin City canceled and Northbound Sunday trips departing Marin City at 4:32 pm and 6:32 pm added, plus other general schedule revisions.