Posted November 17, 2015

Golden Gate Transit Bus Schedule Changes
Effective December 13 & 14, 2015

Routes 10, 70 & 101 now operate SEPARATE Saturday and Sunday/Holiday schedules

Route 42 REPLACED with Route 40 trips; portions of East Bay NO LONGER served

NEW commute Route 580 between East Bay & San Rafael

Many Basic & Commute trip times MODIFIED

On Sunday and Monday, December 13 and 14, Golden Gate Transit (GGT) will adjust its bus service schedules to improve system efficiency and service delivery.

On December 13, Routes 10 and 70 will begin operating DIFFERENT schedules on Saturdays and Sundays/Holidays. This change is being made to accommodate the different traffic patterns on weekends and will improve our on-time performance. When checking schedules, please be sure to look at the correct timetable for your needs (weekdays, Saturday, or Sunday/Holiday). Click for new timetables.

Also on December 13, Route 42 will be replaced with trips on Route 40. Portions of the East Bay—including the Richmond BART Station—will NO LONGER be served. Click for travel alternatives.

On December 14, a new commute Route 580 will connect the East Bay communities of Emeryville, Berkeley, and Albany with San Rafael. Service will be westbound during the morning commute and eastbound during the evening commute. Click for timetables and maps.

Finally, many trip times on Basic and Commute routes will be modified. Please check timetables carefully. Click for new timetables.

ALL commute and basic schedules have been adjusted to improve connections and running times. Check schedules carefully when planning your trip.

Route 4

Route 10

Route 22

Route 23

Route 24

Route 27

Route 40

Route 42

Route 70

  • Northbound weekday 8:40 am, 9:40 am, 7:28 pm, and 9:31 pm trips CANCELED
  • Southbound Saturday 11:45 am, 3:45 pm, 4:45 pm, and 8:15 pm trips from SRTC CANCELED
  • Northbound Saturday and Sunday 12:31 pm, 3:26 pm, 5:26 pm, 6:31 pm, and 7:01 pm trips CANCELED
  • Southbound Sunday 11:45 am, 2:45 pm, 3:45 pm, 4:45 pm, and 8:15 pm trips from SRTC CANCELED
  • IMPORTANT!! There will now be SEPARATE schedules for Saturday and Sunday/holiday service
  • Click for new timetables

Route 93

Route 101

  • Southbound weekday 4:30 pm trip from SRTC CANCELED
  • Northbound weekday 6:41 pm, 7:45 pm, and 9:45 pm trips to SRTC ADDED
  • Southbound Saturday 8:15 am and 8:15 pm trips from SRTC ADDED
  • Northbound Saturday 12:40 pm, 6:45 pm, and 7:49 pm trips to SRTC ADDED
  • Southbound Sunday 3:15 pm and 8:15 pm trips from SRTC ADDED
  • Northbound Sunday 10:44 am, 12:40 pm, 6:48 pm, and 7:48 pm trips to SRTC ADDED
  • Click for new timetables

Route 580

  • NEW route providing commute service between the East Bay and Marin. Serves Emeryville, Berkeley, and Albany
  • Click for maps & timetables

More Information

For new schedules or trip planning assistance, pick up the Winter 2015 Transit Guide on your bus or ferry, visit our Schedules Page or call 511 (say “Golden Gate Transit,” then “operator” to bypass recorded messages)/TDD 711.

The Golden Gate Customer Service Center is open weekdays from 7am to 6pm.