June 16, 2010

TransLink Transit Fare Payment Smartcard Re-launches as Clipper Card

$25, $50, and $75 Value Cards No longer Accepted After July 31, Customers Use Clipper


On June 16, 2010, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Oakland-based agency that manages the smartcard transit fare program for the entire Bay Area, re-launched the TransLink card as the Clipper Card. In 2007, TransLink was launched on both Golden Gate Transit (GGT) and Golden Gate Ferry (GGF) and is now the exclusive means to receive discount fares for frequent riders.

GGT and GGF passengers may use the TransLink card OR the new Clipper card. Now, for a limited time, there is no charge to get a Clipper card. Normally $5, the fee for a card is being waived starting June 16, 2010. This offer is available for a limited time and may be subject to change without notice.

Clipper may also be used on Muni, BART, AC Transit, and Caltrain. VTA and SamTrans will be the next systems added to the Clipper card program.

To learn all about the Clipper card program, please visit: www.clippercard.com call 1-877-878-8883.

Clipper is an all-in-one transit card that keeps track of any passes, discount tickets, ride books and cash value that you load onto it, while applying all applicable fares, discounts, and transfer rules. This lets you customize your card for your own transit needs. The Clipper card can hold multiple passes, ride books or tickets (which are specific to the transit system being used), as well as up to $300 in cash value at one time. Cash value on your Clipper card can be used to ride any participating transit system.


Effective July 31, 2010, Golden Gate Transit Will No Longer Accept $25, $50, and $75 Value Cards

Customers Must Open a Clipper Account to Receive Discount Fares


Golden Gate Transit (GGT) will NO LONGER SELL $25, $50, and $75 Value Cards after June 30, 2010. To ensure customers have time to use the value on their Cards, GGT will continue to accept these Value Cards through July 31, 2010. After this time, customers must use Clipper (formerly TransLink) to receive the appropriate discounted fare. For information on opening a Clipper account, visit www.clippercard.com or call 1-877-878-8883.

Marin Transit Local $18 and $36 Value Cards will continue to be available as will the Marin Transit Local Period Passes (daily, 7-day, and 31-day Passes). These Marin Transit Local Value Cards and Passes are good only for travel within Marin County.

For more information on using the Clipper card on GGT, call 511 (say "Golden Gate Transit," then "operator" to bypass recorded messages)/TDD 711.