Posted March 4, 2013


Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry customers may have noticed some construction activities underway at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal earlier this year with the installation of new bike racks.

The seven new racks, made by Peak Bike Racks, can each accommodate eight bikes allowing storage for 56 bikes inside the secured waiting area. The seven (7) new racks complement the two (2) existing racks that can each accommodate 12 bikes bringing the total number of securely located bike parking spaces up to 80 spaces.


There are also 30 existing U-shaped racks located outside the secured paid waiting area offering another 60 spaces.

With the Larkspur Terminal parking lot filling-up by 8:30 am on weekdays, having additional bike parking inside the secured, paid waiting area is an added benefit aimed at increasing accessing.The work at the terminal involved modifying existing planters within the paid waiting area, including removal and disposal of concrete walls and soil, removal of metal framed glass panels, removal and relocation of existing utilities, installation of new concrete walls and braces, finishing concrete surfaces and other miscellaneous items.

At the San Rafael Transit Center, the three new bike racks for approximately 25 bicycles (2 each hold 7 bikes and one holds 11 bikes) were installed. There were 48 bike parking spots and now there are 73. By May 2013, new map cases, new signs and information kiosks will be installed as part of this contract. In addition to providing bike racks for additional bicycle storage, the Project will install signage at the San Rafael, consistent with Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) regional sign standards, to inform people of bike routes and transit routes in the region.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) established the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP) to provide funds for improvements to community walking and bicycle networks in order to demonstrate how such improvements may increase the rates of walking and biking. FHWA distributes such funds through the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The County of Marin applied for and received NTPP grant funds, and after consulting with the District, distributed a portion of the funds for improvements at the District’s Larkspur Ferry Terminal and the San Rafael Transit Center.

The entire project is being funded at the estimated total cost of $397,950, with 66% Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program funding through the Federal Highway Administration and programmed for us by the County of Marin and 34% Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (GGBHTD) funding.