June 16, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge District General Manager Celia Kupersmith Announces Departure

Accepts Deputy CEO Position at Sound Transit, Seattle, WA

After serving eleven years as General Manager of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District (District), Celia G. Kupersmith announced to the Board of Directors and staff that she will be leaving the District. Her last day in the office will be September 1, 2010. Ms. Kupersmith has accepted a new position as Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with Sound Transit in Seattle, Washington and will be starting there in early September.

Sound Transit is a regional transit agency responsible for the construction and operation of both commuter and light rail systems in the Central Puget Sound area as well as provision of regional commuter bus service. Sound Transit recently opened a light rail line from Sea-Tac Airport to downtown Seattle and is in construction on an extension to the University District. They concurrently operate a commuter rail line from Tacoma at the southern end to Everett on the northern end. They also operate several commuter bus routes throughout this same region.

According to Ms. Kupersmith, “While it was not my intention to make a career move at this time, life has a way of surprising you with new and unexpected opportunities. For a transit professional, the opportunity to round out my portfolio by both building and operating multiple rail modes was just too intriguing to pass up.”

Board President Albert J. Boro added, “The District Board of Directors is very sorry to see her leave the District. Under her leadership, we have been able to move the District forward in many ways. We now have innovative technologies at work throughout the District, a Bridge that is two-thirds retrofit, funding in place for the Moveable Median Barrier, a decision to proceed with implementation of the suicide deterrent net system when funding becomes available, a ferry operation that has successfully transitioned to a fast ferry service, and a bus system that continues to be a leader in the Bay Area. Her contributions at the District leave the organization stronger than ever and she will have a lasting legacy.”

The District Board of Directors currently has no specific plan in place regarding hiring her replacement. They will develop a plan for recruiting her successor over the next several weeks. Ms. Kupersmith currently earns $285,000 as General Manager.