April 17, 2015

Golden Gate Ferry's M.V. Mendocino Sails South for Refurbishment
Evening Commute Impacts Expected

On April 19th, The M.V Mendocino, a 3-deck catamaran, will be heading to a shipyard in San Diego for a mid-life refurbishment. The vessel first joined the Golden Gate Ferry fleet in 2001.

“The Mendocino will be outfitted with larger water jets and new gear boxes, which will improve reliability,” says Christian Stark, Golden Gate Ferry’s Director of Engineering and Maintenance. “We’re also going to lengthen the ship in the stern by 6 feet to accommodate those modifications. Additionally, the Mendocino will also get new interior walls and ceilings, new seats, and a fresh coat of paint both inside and out.”

The M.V. Mendocino can carry up to 448 passengers on its daily runs between Larkspur and San Francisco, with typical evening loads between 400 and 448 passengers. Another Golden Gate ferry, the M.V. Del Norte will take the Mendocino’s place, but its capacity is smaller, only 400 passengers.

“We do expect evening ferry service will be impacted,” says Jim Swindler, Golden Gate Ferry’s Deputy General Manager. “We will likely sell out on our 5:00 pm, 5:30 pm, and 6:00 pm trips from San Francisco to Larkspur, which will mean customers will have to wait for the next boat. Passengers will need to arrive at the terminal much earlier than usual if they want to get on their regular ferry departure. We appreciate our customers’ patience through these busy months.”

Passengers with questions about their trip should call 511 or visit 511.org.

The work on the M.V. Mendocino is expected to take about three months. The project budget total is $5,980,000 and is funded as follows: $2,880,000 Federal Transit Administration grant funds, $2,380,000 PTMISEA State grant funds, $645,550 District funds, and $74,450 Carl Moyer Grant funds (48% FTA / 40% State / 11% District / 1% Carl Moyer).

The M.V. Mendocino should return mid-summer, approximately the same time another Golden Gate ferry, the M.S. San Francisco, is due back from the same San Diego shipyard. The San Francisco is undergoing a complete overhaul. The major machinery work and painting is now complete. Visit http://goldengate.org/news/ferry/mssanfrancisco-refurbishment-2015.php to see the M.V. San Francisco’s work in progress.