Posted May, 16, 2011


Newly Refurbished Ferry, the M.V. Golden Gate, Enters Service on Larkspur- San Francisco Route, May 16 at 10:10 am

The first of two vessels purchased by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (GGBHTD) from Washington State Ferry in January 2009 has been completely refurbished and is entering service today, May 16, on the Larkspur-San Francisco Route, on the 10:10 am departure from Larkspur.

The two Washington State Ferry vessels, now named the M.V. Golden Gate (formerly the Chinook) and the M.V. Napa (formerly the Snohomish) were purchased for $2 million each and have a refurbishment budget of approximately $10 million each. The $24 million project is being funded through a combination of federal, state and GGBHTD funds. For perspective, the cost of just one new high-speed catamaran vessel is currently about $20 million.

In 2009, the M.V. Napa was brought to Larkspur from Washington State without undergoing a complete refurbishment. This vessel entered service on May 28, 2009 on the Larkspur-San Francisco route and has been in service until recently when it was taken out to undergo a total refurbishment, very similar to the one just received by the M.V. Golden Gate.

The Golden Gate Ferry Fleet now consists of 7 vessels:

3 Spaulding Class 715 Passenger vessels: MS Marin, MS Sonoma, MS San Francisco. These vessels are used for the Sausalito route and the AT&T SF Giants service.

4 high speed catamarans: MV Del Norte, MV Mendocino, MV Napa, MV Golden Gate. These vessels are used on the Larkspur route.


Vessel particulars
M.V. Golden Gate
Designed by Original Design by Advanced Multi-Hull Design, Australia
Built by 1998 by Dakota Creek Industries, Anacortes, WA and purchased by Golden Gate Ferry in January 2009 from Washington State Ferry in January 2009 as the M.V. Chinook
Delivered Vessel underwent rehabilitation from April 2010 to March 2011 in Washington State and was delivered to Larkspur Ferry Terminal on March 28, 2011. The rehabilitation was done by Ice Floe, LLC, dba Nichols Brothers Boat Builders.
In Service Date Monday, May 16, 2011
Cost $2 million for the purchase of the vessel from Washington State Ferry, plus rehabilitation cost of about $10 million = $12 million. This was funded with a combination of FTA funds, State I-Bond funds and Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District funds.
No. of Decks 2
Passenger Capacity 450 (increased from 350 during the rehabilitation)
Wheelchair Access yes
Engines 4 diesel engines, Tier 2-20 engines
Propulsion 4 waterjets
Service Speed 36 knots
Length, Overall 143'-3"
Mean Draft, Loaded 5'
Hull Aluminum
Bicycle Capacity 15
Onboard snacks, restrooms yes