Posted May 10, 2011


Item passed by the Board of Directors on Friday, May 13, 2011

On Friday, May 13, 2011, the Rules, Policy and Industrial Relations Committee will consider taking action to approve the following actions relative to the Ferry Division’s Table of Organization:

  1. Eliminate the existing Terminal Operations Superintendent ($112,320 annual salary), Marine Superintendent ($112,320 annual salary) and Marine Projects Manager ($110,864 annual salary)positions;
  2. Authorize three new management positions: Director of Operations ($122,990 annual salary); Director of Engineering and Maintenance ($122,990 annual salary); and Manager, Ferry Maintenance ($102,336 annual salary); and,
  3. Amend the Ferry Division Table of Organization accordingly,

with the understanding that sufficient funds to cover the net loaded annual increase of $16,697 are available in the Ferry Division’s Operating Budget.

The Director of Operations and the Director of Engineering and Maintenance will both report to the Ferry Division Deputy General Manager. The newly created position, Manager, Ferry Maintenance will report directly to the Director of Engineering and Maintenance. This reorganization will separate responsibilities for maintenance and operations, to improve management of complex and specialized yet interrelated disciplines, and better position the Ferry Division for succession planning.

Currently, the organizational structure within the Ferry Division does not provide clear responsibility and accountability with respect to day to day operations as well as ongoing vessel development and maintenance. The proposed reorganization would place on-time daily service under the Director of Operations, who would be the single manager in charge of all facets of landside and water operations.

Similarly, the proposed reorganization would place clear responsibility for both short term and long term vessel maintenance, plus capital rehabilitation program and project management under a single manager, the Director of Engineering and Maintenance. A new position, the Manager of Ferry Maintenance, would support management of the complex fleet of ferries under the Director of Engineering and Maintenance.

The impending retirement of the Ferry Division’s Terminal Operations Superintendent provided an opportunity to review the current Ferry Division management structure. As a result, it has been determined that a moderate reorganization and realignment of responsibilities, along with increased skill sets, will be advantageous in many respects: (1) to clarify lines of responsibilities, (2) to improve management of complex, specialized disciplines and (3) to better position the Division for the future.

Vessel and Terminal Operations

Currently the Marine Superintendent is responsible for vessel operations as well as maintenance, while the Terminal Operations Superintendent is responsible for terminal operations. This reorganization proposes that both the Marine and Terminal Operations Superintendent positions be eliminated, and that a new position: Director of Operations be authorized. This position will have responsibility for both terminal and vessel operations.

It is critical that vessel and terminal operations be closely coordinated and complement each other. For an organization of our size, it makes sense for front-line management (Vessel Masters and Terminal Operations Supervisors) to have one leader. This reorganization will ensure that the manager responsible for operations, whether vessel or terminal, will devote 100% of his/her time to ensure reliable, safe operation of the vessels and terminals, and the delivery of quality customer service.

Maintenance and Marine Projects

With the elimination of the Marine Superintendent position, staff is proposing that the Marine Projects Manager position be eliminated, as well, and that two (2) new positions be created: Director of Engineering and Maintenance; and Manager, Ferry Maintenance. The Director of Engineering and Maintenance will have responsibility for vessel engineering; program and project management of marine projects; and day-to-day maintenance of vessels and facilities. The newly created position, Manager, Ferry Maintenance will report directly to the Director of Engineering and Maintenance and have responsibility for managing the activities of the Ferry Division’s ten full-time mechanics in planning and implementing the day-to-day maintenance of the District’s ferry vessels and related facilities.

Fiscal Impact

In light of the elimination of three positions, using a top step pay grade as a baseline, the creation of the new positions will result in a net loaded annual increase of $16,697. Sufficient funds are available for this increase in the Ferry Division Operating Budget.