September 15, 2015

District Studying Feasibility of Assuming Tiburon Commuter Ferry

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) is studying the feasibility of assuming operations of commute ferry trips between Tiburon and San Francisco. Blue & Gold Fleet, which currently operates the service, approached the District about taking over the morning and evening commute trips. Given the public interest in continuing a ferry service for commuters in these regions, as well as to reduce automobile commute traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, the District Board of Directors recently authorized staff to explore this possibility. Resources currently supporting Golden Gate Transit Route 8, on which ridership has declined over the past decade, could be redirected to partially support a replacement ferry service.

The study phase is expected to last a few months. Blue & Gold Fleet estimate their passengers currently take about two hundred thousand commute trips a year. For more information, read the related staff report here.