October 19, 2015


Due to a mechanical problem with one of our two Barrier Transfer Machines (a.k.a. Zipper Trucks), the Golden Gate Bridge will remain in a three lanes northbound / three lanes southbound configuration during the evening commute today. The lanes will change again tomorrow for the morning commute to the typical four lanes southbound / two lanes northbound configuration.

The Bridge District is currently running a pilot program, which started in early September, in which the lanes are configured as four lanes northbound / two lanes southbound between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Because of this mechanical issue, that pattern will not happen today. The lanes will remain in their mid-day configuration; three lanes northbound / three lanes southbound.

Since being put in service in January, the Barrier Transfer Machines have been very reliable. Bridge District mechanics are working on the machine and expect to have it back in service for the afternoon commute tomorrow. The morning commute will not be affected.

“In the interest of consistency, we had hoped to go four north / two south every weekday through the entire pilot program,” says Bridge Manager Kary Witt. “However, in this case, remaining in a three north / three south lane configuration through the evening is the only course of action available for this evening.”

By tomorrow morning, drivers will once again experience typical roadway conditions, with four lanes southbound / two lanes northbound.

For media inquiries and interviews contact:
Priya David Clemens
Public Information Manager
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District