Posted May 29, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge Closure Estimated for January 2015 to Install Moveable Median Barrier

On Friday, May 23, 2014, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) Board of Directors (Board) approved the award of a contract for the installation of a moveable median barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge (read staff report). The one-foot wide, 32-inch high concrete and steel barrier will provide a safer division of traffic and help eliminate head-on collisions. It will also allow the District to change lane configurations to meet traffic demands by using transfer machines to shift the location of the barrier. Presently, the District manages traffic lane configurations manually by installing 19-inch plastic traffic pylons every 25 feet.

Installation of the barrier will require up to a 52-hour closure of the Bridge roadway, planned for January 10-11, 2015. Bridge sidewalks will remain open to pedestrians and bicyclists, and Golden Gate Transit buses will be allowed passage on the Bridge roadway that weekend. The January 10 and 11 dates were selected for the closure because traffic counts have historically been low that weekend.

Project work includes the demolition of four toll booths, the construction of one new toll booth and related Toll Plaza improvements, and the installation of a patented Steel Reactive Tension System Quickchange Moveable Barrier and two transfer machines on the south and north approaches to the Bridge.

Visit the Moveable Median Barrier project page for more information.

Artist's rendition of the moveable median barrier
on the Golden Gate Bridge.