MEDIA Covering the TOUR OF CA in Sausalito &
at the Golden Gate Bridge


Media Suite/Check In – Spinnaker Banquet Room – 6:30 AM – 9 AM

Continental breakfast and work space will be provided for all credentialed media at the Spinnaker Restaurant in downtown Sausalito, adjacent to the Start Stage, Media credentials may be picked up at this location.

Cyclists will begin checking in at the stage @ 7:30 AM and will be available for interviews.

It will NOT be possible for journalists & photographers to cover the Race Start AND the Bridge Crossing due to road closures and security measures. The last media shuttle from the Spinnaker/Start Line to the Bridge will leave at 7:45 AM and drop media at the northwest Dillingham lot and then the southwest lot closest to the District office.

The race starts promptly at 8:30 AM from Spinnaker Drive in downtown Sausalito (the same start location as the past three years.) The peloton will do two parade laps north on Bridgeway and down Caledonia Street and start up Alexander Avenue from Sausalito at about 8:39 am, arriving at the north end of the GGB at about 8:42 am and reaching the toll plaza at about 8:43 am.


Media is allowed on East Side of the GGB to Cover the Race

The GGB East Sidewalk will be OPEN only to PEDESTRIANS. If you want to be on one of the GGB sidewalks, it must be the east sidewalk which is the closest proximity to the racers as they come south on the GGB roadway. Media will NOT be allowed to access the west sidewalk as this is only open to bicyclists. PLEASE, NO TRIPODS ON THE SIDEWALK.


Parking Options = All options are first-come, first serve

Downtown Sausalito:
Lot 1 will remain open & FREE parking will be provided at Dunphy Park. Camera trucks will be accommodated as they have in the past by the Big Bike Tent/Bank of America.

Southeast side of GGB:
The tourist/visitor parking Lot will be CLOSED at Midnight and Valet bicycle parking will be available in this parking lot.

Southwest side of GGB:

Parking lot will remain OPEN to the public and media, with a about 100 spaces available. The southbound off ramp (Merchant Rd/25th Ave.) from Highway 101, immediately after the toll plaza, will remain OPEN.

From this parking lot, walk through the tunnel under the toll plaza to the southeast tourist/visitor side to cover the race.

The tunnel that connects the southwest side to the southeast visitor area be CLOSED at about 1 am. The intersection of Merchant Rd./Lincoln Blvd. will be CLOSED by 7:30 am and remain closed during the race.

Northwest Side of GGB, off Conzelman Rd (Dillingham Lot) will be CLOSED by GGNRA. BUT up to 15 credentialed media will be allowed into this lot on a first-come-first serve basis.

From this parking lot, take the path under the GGB roadway to the Vista Point parking lot (which is closed) where you may access the east sidewalk which is open to pedestrians (west sidewalk will be open only to bicyclists).

Northeast side of GGB: Vista Point is CLOSED at MIDNIGHT; Valet bicycle parking will be available in this parking lot.

Southeast side on Lincoln Blvd (Battery East Lot) Lot remains OPEN until about 7:30 am when Lincoln is closed for the race. Before 7:30 am, this lot will be accessible via GGNRA/Crissy Field or via Merchant off-ramp from 101 at the toll plaza, up to Lincoln and left on Lincoln. There are about 50 spaces here for public and media.

Lincoln Blvd at Langdon Court (Battery Godfrey) in The Presidio has about 20 spaces. This lot will remain open until Lincoln is CLOSED by about 7:30 am.

Media Contacts:

Cheryl Popp
1505 Bridgeway, Suite 207
Sausalito, CA 94965
415.730.7699 (cell)

Mary Currie, Public Affairs Director
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
415-317-222 (cell)