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Guiding Principles of Public Outreach Process:

Public meetings in Marin, Sonoma, and San Francisco should be held at multiple points in the analysis process to solicit input on how to solve the District¹s financial problems.
Meetings should be held in the evening and include opportunities for education and idea exchange.
Public information materials should be informative and user-friendly.
Editorial boards of local influential and broad-outreach newspapers should be visited and presentations should be made to civic and community organizations as part of the education and outreach process.

Proposed Public Outreach Process:

Two series of public Open Houses to facilitate involvement in the development of solutions to this funding challenge. These public open houses would be held in Marin, Sonoma, and San Francisco counties. Several staff members will be at each open house to assist in answering questions. Meetings will be publicized in local media and information materials will be presented in a clear, user-friendly manner. A formal Public Hearing will be held at the conclusion of the process to hear final comments on the staff recommendation, as developed through the Open House process. The first Open Houses would be held in late March/early April and the second round in late May. The Public Hearing could then be held in late June. This calendar is subject to change as the process unfolds.
Meetings with Editorial Boards of the Press-Democrat, Marin Independent Journal, and San Francisco Chronicle, Pacific Sun and Bay Area Guardian. Participation in local media talk shows.
Series of presentations to various civic and community groups such as Rotary, the Marin Forum, the Council of Mayors and Council Members, the Sacramento Seminar, the Marin Conservation League, etc.
Educational articles and outreach meetings to staff in employee newsletters.
Educational articles to transit riders in District newsletters.
Outreach to local government groups, as requested.
Outreach through aggressive use of the District¹s website to convey information and collect input from the public.