June 28, 2012

June 28, Golden Gate Bridge Apology for Traffic Jam Last Night


Last night, June 27/28, the Golden Gate Bridge traffic diversion that closed the northbound traffic down to just one lane going north out of San Francisco at 9 pm was not the right decision to have made for the traveling public. We apologize for the resulting traffic jam.

Additionally, we will not allow this lane configuration to occur the way it did last night again. This decision was made based on traffic numbers that indicated a lighter pattern than was experienced last night. The Seismic Retrofit Construction project that has been ongoing at the north end of the Bridge required this earlier than normal lane closure configuration to be able to do the work that was required last night, and be sure that the Bridge reopened on time this morning.

We made an incorrect call most certainly, and we are hearing that loud and clear from the public. Please accept our most sincere apology.