Golden Gate Going Green

Zero Emission Bus - GGT Ride for the Environment

In 2000, in accordance with California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, GGT selected the Clean Diesel Fuel Path for the operation of its buses. As part of this clean diesel path, under CARB regulations, transit properties are required to participate in a Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) demonstration program. These requirements were designed to accelerate development of zero emission fuel cell technology for wholesale integration into public transit bus fleets in California and across the county.



As permitted under these regulations, GGT has partnered with AC Transit since 2003 on the ZEB demonstration program, powered by hybrid electric hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Hydrogen fuel cell buses are clean, quiet, electrically-propelled vehicles that only emit water vapor from the tail pipe. Fuel cells do not burn the fuel they use. Instead, they combine hydrogen with oxygen from the air to produce water and electricity. Using fuel cells instead of fossil fuels could make our air cleaner and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

GGT is not converting its diesel fleet to zero emissions vehicles, but continues to take every step possible to continue to reduce emissions and keep pace with state-of-the-art diesel technology.

For more information about the ZEB program, visit our ZEB FAQs page.

To learn about the ZEB's February 2008 debut in GGT local bus service, visit our ZEB debut page.


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