Golden Gate Going Green

Water Conservation Programs

  • Installed low-flow toilets, saving up to as 2 gallons per flush
  • Installed low-flow aerators, cutting water usage at faucets by as much as 40%
  • Converted landscaping irrigation systems to efficient drip systems on timers
  • Installed air dryers/coolers on air compressors at Golden Gate Transit (GGT) bus facilities, reducing water usage and sewer waste
  • Replaced aging water-cooled compressors at the Bridge with new more efficient air-cooled compressors

Recycling Programs

  • Installed recycling bins to encourage recycling of paper, aluminum, cans, bottles and newspapers
  • Initiated recycling program for scrap metal (rims, break shoes and engine parts) and oils
  • Installed recycling system for GGT bus washing to reduce water usage, and added ozonator technology to keep recycled wash water bacteria- and odor-free


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