June 25, 2004


1. Approved an Amendment to RULE XII of the Rules of the Board Relative to Increasing Bank Account Signing Authority Limits
2. Authorized Budget Adjustments and Transfers Associated with the Establishment of a Liability Reserve for Post-Employment Health Benefits
3. Authorized Execution of a Letter of Agreement with the Marin County Transit District and the County of Marin to Continue Golden Gate Transit Local Bus Service Within Marin County
4. Approved Renewal of the Health and Benefit Insurance Plans
5. Approved Fiscal Year 2005 Operating and Capital Budgets
6. Approved Proposed Fiscal Year 2005 Annual Overall Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal
7. Approved Actions as Included in the Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Relative to the Table of Organization
8. Approved Extension of the Limited Term Real Estate Specialist Position
9. Approved Rejection of the Sole Bid for Contract No. 2004-FT-7A, Security Enhancements at Ferry Terminals
10. Approved Actions Relative to the Award of Contract No. 2004-BT-9, San Rafael Bus Facility Gas Tank Replacement, to American Construction and Environmental Services, Inc.
11. Approved Actions Relative to the Award of Contract No. 2004-BT-10, Marin County Bus Stop Improvements – Phase II, to Stone Engineering Contractors, Inc.
12. Authorized Execution of a Professional Services Agreement with HDR Engineering, Inc., Relative to Contract No. 2004-B-6, Consultant to Design and Prepare Bid Documents for the Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project (Phase IIIA), North Anchorage Housing and North Pylon
13. Authorized Actions Relative to Change Order Nos. 75 and 82 to Contract No. 99-B-5, Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit -- Phase II, South Approach Structures, for Repairs and Painting of Steel Elements of the Arch Rib System and Painting of the Lower Deck Truss of the Fort Point Arch, Respectively

Authorized Actions Relative to the Table or Organization, as follows:

    a. Approved Elimination and Addition of Various Positions within the Table of Organization; and,
    b. Approved Enhanced Separation Package for Non-Represented Employees

/s/Janet S. Tarantino, Secretary of the District