On Friday, January 30, 2004, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation Board of Directors, authorized implementation of a special event ferry and bus fare increase effective February 1, 2004. A public hearing was held on January 22, 2004, to receive public input the proposal to increase special event fares.

By policy, special event Golden Gate Transit bus fares to Candlestick Park for 49ers games and Golden Gate Ferry service to SBC Park for Giants games are set to cover direct operating costs of these discretionary services, while commute and basic bus and ferry services have a fare structure that is subsidized primarily by the fares collected and by Golden Gate Bridge tolls. These fares were raised last in 2001. To remain at breakeven cost levels, new fares were adopted as follows:

Special Event Service

Special Event Service
Previous Round Trip Fare
New Round Trip Fare
Ferry service between Larkspur & SBC Park
Bus service between Larkspur & Candlestick
$16 .00
Bus service between Santa Rosa & Candlestick
Bus service between Sonoma & Candlestick

In mid-2002, the Board of Directors adopted a Strategic Plan for Achieving Long-Term Financial Stability to address the then projected $454 million five-year shortfall. The Plan called for a balance of cost cutting and revenue enhancement measures, with fares increases being one component. Fares for regular bus and ferry service were increase on July 1, 2003. Through a number of additional actions taken since mid-2002, including the reductions of bus services by 22% and a reduction in force, the shortfall has been reduced by 70% to $139 million. A more comprehensive transit fare program for the coming five-years is now under development and is expected to be ready for public review in the next few months.