April 27, 2004

California National Guard to Depart Golden Gate Bridge
On Scene Partner Agencies to Cover Mission

Security at the Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge) is provided through a well coordinated coalition of agencies partners, each with their own unique expertise. The security partners include the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation Districts (District) own patrol officers, California Highway Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Park Police, Golden Gate National Recreation Area Rangers, Federal Bureau of Investigation, San Francisco Police Department and Marin County Sheriffs office, and since November 2001, California National Guard (Guard). Together, these agencies provide security at the Bridge 24 hour per day, seven days a week. Since 9/11/01, each of the security partners has increased their security efforts allowing the Bridge to remain at a high level of security alert at all times.

In December 2003, the Guard informed the District of their request made to the Governors Office to be removed from assignment at the Bridge due to associated costs. The District responded by urging the Governors Office to reconsider and not withdraw the Guard as their assistance at the Bridge has been a significant asset to the overall security program. After reviewing available security resources and demands for such resources, the District was informed by the State that the Guard would no longer be deployed at the Bridge effective April 30, 2004. The District recognizes that the State of California continues to provide substantial resources to assist in the security of the Bridge and appreciates the presence of the Guard up to this time. The District, however, regrets the States decision to withdraw the Guard and in response, has worked extensively with security partner agencies to develop plans to continue providing comprehensive security at the Golden Gate Bridge. To assist in this, the California State Office of Homeland Security has provided $2.1 million in Federal Homeland Security funds to be used to increase physical security and to provide operational support for a total of approximately $3 million in the next fiscal year.

Since 9/11/01, the District has spent approximately $1 million for physical security improvements and approximately $2 million operational costs including increased patrol forces. This funding was allocated from Golden Gate Bridge tolls. Specific security tactics and measures in place at the Golden Gate Bridge are not discussed and will not be discussed in any detail as this directly undermines the efforts of the security partners. Examples of security improvements since 9/11/01 that have been publicly discussed include significant upgrades to physical deterrent systems including surveillance, detection, and lighting.