Golden Gate Transit (GGT) customers will see a new and improved transit schedule booklet aboard buses and ferries. The summer edition of the Golden Gate Bus & Ferry Transit Guide, containing schedules effective June 8, 2003, incorporates both the schedules and map, previously distributed as two separate publications, into one publication.

According to Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District General Manager, Celia Kupersmith, The transit guide redesign is just one of many cost cutting measures currently being implemented across the organization. By combining transit schedules and the system map into one publication, not only are our printing costs reduced by 43%, but our customers can now obtain all the information they need to ride GGT in one booklet.

The Golden Gate Bus and Ferry Transit Guide is published four times a year to provide customers with updated schedule information. Last fiscal year, ending June 30, 2002, approximately $49,000 was spent each quarter on the publication of the two separate publications-transit guides and transit system maps. This fiscal year, with the new guide book and map incorporated into one publication, the quarterly cost is estimated at $28,000 or a reduction of 43%. Production time and labor has also been reduced, with the aid of new software that reads timetable information directly from the database used by GGTs scheduling department.