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Project Backgroud / What's a Gantry?

The Golden Gate Bridge District is in the process of designing a new toll collection system to keep up with California state standards and technological improvements in tolling.

Our current all-electronic tolling system uses collection equipment installed in 2005. The system is now antiquated and must be replaced. As the replacement toll equipment can’t be accommodated in the current toll booths, Bridge District engineers are in the process of designing a new structure to house the equipment.

This new structure, called a gantry, will be located south of the current tollbooths, near the bus stop, on the southbound side of the roadway. It will stretch over the roadway and drivers will pass underneath it. (See map below.) This design provides safety benefits to both drivers and District workers, as maintenance will be done above the roadway, eliminating lane closures. The new gantry is being carefully designed with consideration of the existing architectural heritage of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as modern design opportunities.

The current toll booths are not being removed as part of this project. They will remain in place to provide redundancy in the system as we begin operating with the new gantry. A separate, more complex planning process may be implemented for a future toll plaza modernization project, in which the removal of the current toll booths could be proposed.

There are three architectural styles under consideration by the Golden Gate Bridge District Board of Directors. These styles each draw inspiration from the current architecture of the area. The ‘Cable’ style reflects the iconic main cables of the Bridge; the ‘Tollbooth’ style incorporates elements of the tollbooth units; and the ‘Bridge Lights’ style mirrors the curved bend of the lighting elements on the Bridge and on Presidio Parkway.

Here’s a look at northbound and southbound views of those three styles. High resolution images of these styles can be downloaded here:

Cable Style - Northbound View

Toll Gantry Cable Style - Northbound View

Cable Style - Southbound View

Toll Gantry Cable Style - Southbound View

Tollbooth Style - Northbound View

Toll Gantry Tollbooth Style - Northbound View

Tollbooth Style - Southbound View

Toll Gantry Tollbooth Style - Southbound View

Bridge Light Style - Northbound View

Toll Gantry Bridge Light Style - Northbound View

Bridge Light Style - Southbound View

Toll Gantry Bridge Light Style - Southbound View

Regardless of future toll plaza changes, the beloved art deco clock will always have a place of honor at the Bridge.

Construction of the new toll gantry construction is expected to begin at the end of 2019, with operations to start in 2020.

The District would appreciate receiving public input by email at and by phone at 415-455-2000.

Map of New Toll Gantry Location, Next to Existing Toll Plaza:

Toll Gantry Location Map