Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District

Contemporary Photos of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Bridge Workers

All photographs © Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, San Francisco, CA. All rights reserved. Permission is required for use.

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Golden Gate Bridge Workers in Action




Ironworker atop one of the Bridge's 746-foot tall towers.


Bridge painters prep and paint the suspender ropes from inside a "skybox."



Painter working from the scaffold system.


Operating Engineers use heavy equipment to move loads in areas where crews are working.


painters_inspecting           workers

Painters inspecting the main cable.


golden gate bridge electricians          golden gate bridge electricians

Electricians head out to work (left) and inspect

the navigation lights on the main cables (right).


golden gate bridge electricians gear     golden gate bridge electricians gear      golden gate bridge electricians safety harness

Electricians have the right gear for the right job. Safety harnesses are essential for working safely at great heights.


bikepatrol           bikepatrol2

Patrols can respond more quickly when using bikes on the sidewalks.

Photo on right courtesy of M. Mazumdar


golden gate bridge roadway lighting            golden gate bridge tower lighting

Electricians maintain the roadway and tower lighting.


golden gate bridge conduit work electrician

Electricians install new cabling that connects communications systems from one side of the span to the other.

golden gate bridge painter main cable

Painter during main cable inspection.


golden gate bridge toll officer

Collectors greet customers, collect tolls, and

give directions, usually with a smile!

golden gate bridge repairing roadway

Crews do roadway repairs at night.