Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District

September 15, 2009



A new Golden Gate Transit (GGT) transfer policy rolled out on September 13, 2009, that will provide a credit of $1.00 for adults, and 50 cents for youth, seniors and persons with disabilities, for all transfers received from either Sonoma County Transit or Santa Rosa CityBus to GGT. The transfer new policy results in a uniform credit for transfers received by GGT from all three Sonoma County public transit operators as GGT already gives the $1.00 transfer credit to Petaluma Transit.

More importantly, the new transfer policy provides the travelling public with greater incentive to use local transit buses to access GGT bus services that connect beyond Sonoma County to Marin, San Francisco and Contra Costa counties.

Here’s how the new transfer credit works:

Before the transfer credit change, passengers travelling from the Rincon Valley of Santa Rosa to San Francisco had to pay two fares. They paid the local Santa Rosa CityBus fare of $1.25 to get to the Santa Rosa Transit Mall, then another $9.25 on GGT to get to San Francisco, for a total cost of $10.50. Now, under the new transfer policy, passengers can get a transfer from Santa Rosa CityBus that gives them $1.00 credit on their GGT San Francisco fare, so their cost on GGT is now $8.25, and the total trip cost is $9.50.

Previously, passengers travelling locally within Sonoma County on GGT received a $0.10 credit for transfers to GGT from Santa Rosa CityBus or Sonoma County Transit. With that $0.10 credit, passengers paid $3.45 to make a local trip on GGT within Sonoma County. Now with the new $1.00 transfer credit, they pay just $2.45.

Local public transit officials are enthusiastic about the change as noted by Mona Babuta, Deputy Director-Transit for Santa Rosa CityBus, “This change is an incentive for people who don’t have direct access to Golden Gate Transit at the Santa Rosa Transit Mall. It really opens up possibilities to use CityBus as a feeder to GGT for travel to San Francisco or Marin County.”

Bryan Albee, Transit Systems Manager for Sonoma County Transit, added, “Transfer credits between transit operators in Sonoma County are more uniform now, which is easier for the passenger to understand. The Golden Gate Transit transfer credit change is just one more example of transit operators in Sonoma County working cooperatively to improve the passenger’s experience.”

Joseph Rye, Petaluma Transit’s Transit Division Manager, agreed, “We’ve had a reciprocal $1.00 credit with Golden Gate Transit for about two years now and it’s been well received. Passengers really appreciate getting the $1.00 credit, which previously was only 10-cents for travel within Sonoma County and nothing for intercounty travel. Having transfer credits for our passengers to both GGT and SCT has really been a selling point for passengers to use Petaluma Transit for the first leg of their trip.”

Teri Mantony, GGT, Deputy General Manager, Bus Division, noted, “The 10-cent intra-Sonoma only credit was confusing to our passengers and not much of an incentive to use GGT. We're always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and simplifying our transfer policies is an enhancement. This new transfer policy provides a real incentive to connect to or from GGT in Sonoma County using our local transit partners.”

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