Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District

August 26, 2005





Whale Bus

A Ride for the Environment

Golden Gate Transit’s (GGT) original Humphrey the Whale Bus retired last year after eleven years of service. The newly created Whale Bus, hand painted by international artist and local resident Mr. George Sumner, is returning to the road over Labor Day weekend. Sumner donated his time to fashion this mobile community service masterpiece, with its humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea lion, and sea turtle.

This new generation Whale Bus will continue to serve as a focal point of GGT’s commitment to educating the public about the benefits of public transit through the theme, “To live on the land…we must learn from the sea” which adorns the side of the bus along with the sea creatures.

With the inception of the first Whale Bus came the idea to use the bus as an educational tool by visiting local schools to teach students the importance of using public transit as one of many ways to assist in preserving our environment. Over the last eleven years, Sumner’s wife, Donnalei, escorted the original Whale Bus to many schools in Marin, Sonoma, and San Francisco serving as both educator and storyteller. She will continue to assist GGT in this capacity with the new Whale Bus.


Original Whale Bus

Original Whale Bus