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Posted: January 11, 2002

Expanded seating capacity and bike storage was approved at the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District¹s Board of Directors meeting on January 11, 2002. At contract for the original designer and builder of Golden Gate Ferry¹s newest high-speed ferry, M.V. Mendocino, Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Freeland, WA, will fabricate and install an enclosure providing both increased passenger capacity and bicycle storage on the third (top) deck. The addition of 42 seats within the 600-sq. ft. enclosure will bring the U.S. Coast Guard certified passenger capacity up from 408 to 450. Currently, the third deck is not enclosed, and no seating provided. The new enclosure will provide protection from the elements, allowing the new seating and the increase in bicycle storage capacity from 7 to 20 bikes. These enhancements are planned for installation in spring 2002 without disruption to the vessel¹s scheduled service.

According to Ferry Division Manager David Clark, ³The Mendocino is very popular with our customers, and these enhancements will go a long way toward serving more customers during our peak commute periods. The vessel is a true workhorse and the expansion of the passenger capacity will further enhance the vessel¹s usefulness as a cornerstone of the Golden Gate Ferry fleet.²

The M.V. Mendocino budget was set at $10 million (80% federal, 12.5% state and 7.5% District). With vessel construction totaling $8.5 million, the remaining $1.5 was established as a contingency fund for spare parts, tools, change orders, training and other vessel implementation related expenses. The $96,970 is available within the remaining balance of the contingency fund.